Welcome to Postural Persuasions

Personal Pilates has relocated to Scotland following sixteen years of business practise in the heart of London’s Marylebone. Sandie Wilson now brings her considerable experience and wealth of knowledge to the area in which she grew up and where she began her journey into a career in Dance,Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis and Kinetic Chain Release. To acknowledge the expanding methods being offered Personal Pilates Studio now comes under the umbrella company name and new logo POSTURAL PERSUASIONS. We hope that this transition is smooth and welcome you to our Body Balancing and Alignment techniques and therapies.

The studio consists of two areas designated for the teaching of the Pilates method, Gyrotonic® method and Gyrokinesis® method. There is also a space for receiving Kinetic Chain Release and other therapies. The rooms are amply mirrored and house state of the art equipment including Balanced Body Reformer, Cadillac, Combo Chair, Spine Corrector plus the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® . In addition to this we also use various small pieces of auxiliary equipment, some of which we stock for purchase at the studio.

We aim to provide a high standard of tuition for people from all walks of life and with a wide range of abilities, conditions and goals. It is our philosophy to provide a high level of excellence via the teaching and to offer a private and relaxed atmosphere in which our clients can enjoy a very confidential and personal approach. As well as ensuring that the classes are geared to the specific needs of the individual, it is our policy to ensure that attention to detail is of prime importance and that the execution of the devised program is as precise as possible. In conjunction with this, we are happy to provide information on nutritional issues and to refer clients to other health practitioners.

In short, we aim to use our wisdom, intuition and insight to help you reach your goals and to achieve strength, flexibility and well being beyond your expectations. We encourage you to be mindful, to breathe and most of all to enjoy your own journey with clarity of intention accompanied by our clear, precise and friendly instruction.

Enjoy your classes and treatments Sandie







The Pilates method is a unique, holistic approach to exercise which embraces the principles and fundamentals depicted by Joseph H Pilates.

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The Gyrotonic Expansion System is a specially designed piece of exercise equipment for the application of the Gyrotonic method.

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Gyrokinesis methodology was devised by Juliu Horvath. It was developed from his original method which he devised...

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Kinetic Chain Release(KCR) was founded and developed by scottish physiotherapist,  Hugh Gilbert.

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Forty seven year old ankylosing spondylitis sufferer

“Sandie managed to get more movement to my sacro-iliac than I have had for the last 21 years – something I never expected and never dreamt possible.”

Forty five year old mother of two

“I first started going to see Sandie after an operation to sort out a prolapse following the birth of my second child. Working with Sandie has made a huge difference to my pelvic floor muscles…

Age 38

“I was completely phobic of exercise before I saw Sandie for Pilates – she made the sessions and the subject calm, understandable, easy to progress in and great fun. I recommend her whole heartedly.”

Senior Partner, Penrose Financial Ltd

“Sandie is undoubtedly the best trainer I have ever used, apart from knowing Pilates better than almost anyone in the UK , she also understands the way your body works so you get the best…
Andrew Nicolls

“Sandie Wilson has made a genuine difference to my life. I first saw her ten years ago when I was suffering from chronic back problems. Thanks to Sandie it no longer troubles me and I…
Ted Wilson

“I saw Sandie in the run up to major abdominal surgery and am convinced that the work we did was hugely beneficial for my swift recovery. I have continued our sessions and feel stronger and…
Lucinda Acland

“Before I was introduced to Sandie I was very injury prone. I continue to play a lot of sport but for the last 6 years my injuries have been minimal and this has been largely…
Mark Farrer-Brown


"Sandie has been teaching my husband and I Pilates and Gyrotonic for the last ten years. She is always entusiatic and very knowledgable and knows exactely what to do to sort out our aches and…
Wendy Burton


"Sandie is hughely knowledgable, very professional and is someone I would recommend highly. She has had a considerable impact on my core strength, flexibility and posture as well as significantly improving both my feet and…
Ken Ollerton