Kinetic Chain Release

“It is the RIGHT of every human being to be in balance and have optimum health … and to resolve chronic pain, restoring normal function naturally and speedily” Hugh Gilbert, Protocol Founder

Kinetic Chain Release(KCR) is a  simple, non invasive series of mobilisations and stretches designed to bring you body into balance. It was founded and developed by scottish physiotherapist, Hugh Gilbert. Hugh is a globally recognised leader in the field of physical rehabilitation and has developed this protocol which can often have impressive and immediate effects on the recipient, leaving them both energised and relaxed.

The protocol is received fully clothed on a treatment table. It begins with checking for an Leg length discrepancy (LLD) and then works through the mobilisations and stretches so as to bring the body back into a healthier more balanced state. Despite the fact that a leg length difference can exist without any perceivable pain, over time this imbalance can cause the body to overcompensate and lead to a wide range of common complaints and physical conditions. KCR is extremely versatile, simple and effective in treating a wide range of disorders and is known to alleviate problems such as

Chronic back pain, groin and hamstring strains, ankles sprains, pelvic and shoulder problems, scoliosis, tennis elbow, wrist problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis, fybromyalgia, TMJ disfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, teeth clenching, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, breathing difficulty and post traumatic stress disorder.

KCR frequently provides a high degree of relief and even instant resolution, in many cases, from the pain and discomfort caused from the above named conditions. Following a treatment, energy levels will increase dramatically when the body is in balance.

KCR ALSO GUARANTEES INCREASED PERFORMANCE OF ATHLETES such as footballers, golfers, swimmers, martial artists and extreme sports enthusiasts. It is also most useful to all aspects of the performing arts and can significantly improve the technical abilities of professional and non professional dancers, actors, musicians, comedians and the like.

At Personal Pilates, Kinetic Chain Release can be received as a therapeutic treatment in its own right or it can precede a Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis or other class. Having a KCR treatment prior to another class can enable the body to respond and benefit more fully from the other techniques on offer. It can improve key principles such as concentration, balance, core stability, flow and allow each individual to be mindful and present throughout their training session.


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