Pilates Mat Work Classes

“To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limits of our ability” Joseph H. Pilates

Whilst many people may benefit from the use of Pilates equipment at our Personal Pilates studio, we are also keen to offer the option of Pilates mat work classes.  Often people like to start Pilates on a one to one basis in order to optimise the learning about their own posture, medical conditions, complaints or basic bad habits. However, whilst coming to the studio once or twice a week is often sufficient, Pilates mat work classes provide people with the opportunity to do their Pilates homework in a group environment and to spread the financial cost at the same time. Mat work can also be enjoyed purely in its own right and there is the camaraderie of being in a group and the opportunity to make new like minded friends.

It is our philosophy that it is never too late to learn to move and we are able to teach mat work for a wide range of ages, abilities and needs. We offer classes for injury rehabilitation, for mature movers and for pre and post natal to name but a few.

Please feel free to contact us to request a class to suit your specific needs. For instance you might want to take a preventative approach for your work force and ask us to run a course on site specifically related to your industry. Again, you might be a sports enthusiast and want to target technical performance relating to your favourite pastime.

Matwork is fun and takes all different formats, ranging from Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate, Advanced. Sometimes small pieces of auxilliary equipment are used to embellish your experience and to help with learning. Pilates Rings and Rollers may be used but will be provided for you as well as a comfortable mat. Please do bring a towel with you to use as and when required.As each teacher has their own specific style, it is often useful to come to class with an open mind to learn new perspectives, understanding breathe, quality of movement, concentration, intention, flow, stamina, strength, centring and more.

We offer two sizes of mat work classes:

Quintet Classes/Very Small Group

Our Quintet Classes  enable you to optimise the amount of personal correction you receive within a small comitted group. You will enjoy and an accelerated learning curve and will sometimes be asked to work in pairs with fellow students to gain an understanding by helping each other with verbal and tactile cueing. Being able to do this will improve you awareness and boost your own body confidence helping you to improve your own self practice.This  type of class helps to ensure that each group of students are able to develop and progress at their optimum pace. Most of our Quintet groups take place at Physis in Grangemouth.

Chorus Classes/ Small Groups

Our chorus classes are for a maximum of 12/16 people depending on the venue and the type of class. There is still a lot of personal correction but some of the techniques involve learning whilst in motion and you will not be doing anything that would cause injury if you have not quite mastered the movements. These classes can help us to break out of old habits such as trying too hard, lack of self belief and worst still perfectionism. Whilst correction is key to gaining mastery of the body a positive mental attitude and ability to laugh is key to enjoying our classes and courses.

Juiliu Horvath (Creator of Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis) is noted for summing this up beautifully by saying:

“work within the comfort zone of you body, move without effort and smile in your heart. Be kind to yourself and don’t compare with others. Watch what happens – you will grow and your body will evolve”

So lets take this as a starting point, sign up on our booking page for your preferred group class and dip your toe into the Dance of Life!!

Whilst we offer Beginner, Improver Pilates we also provide classes for  injury rehabilitation ,common problem areas and sports specific classes from time to time.These include:

Pilates for The Upper Body

Pilates for Pelvic and Lower Back Pain

Pilates for Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis

Pilates for Golfers

Pilates for Tennis Players

Pre/post Natal Pilates


Whilst it is useful to have taken a private session before joining a mat work group, it is possible to sign up once you have completed a medical questionnaire.  If you have previous Pilates experience then you can join a more advanced group but as there are varying styles and schools of Pilates, it is often useful to start with a beginners course.

Bookings are now being taken for our new courses in January 2017. Please go to the appropriate page and reserve your space by paying via our PayPal facility.



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