HRH Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom, D.Y.M.M Sultanah of Pahang

Sandie was highly recommended by Margie Finchell and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I started going to sandie on a regular basis.

Sandie has her own unique style and approach to teaching. Whilst her knowledge of anatomy and the Classic Pilates Repertoire is obvious, she utilises her dance background to create and nurture a programme of work that is specific to your own aims, needs and goals. Using imaginary and heightened language she helps you to approach each breathe, each gesture with an awareness that has you melting into qualitative pure movement which leaves you feeling alive, released and empowered.
She uses her voice and hands to coax your body into the very extremities of your movement potential. Gently encouraging you to break previous gripping patterns and postural bad habits she leads the you into a place of relentless grace.

She is a great advocate that we can all learn to move more freely and efficiently so that each and every day we utilise our findings from class so that they become the new normal. Almost immediately you will feel your body mind connection, your stamina, concentration and ability to relax becomes second nature whilst your alignment and posture will have you looking taller, leaner and of course your core will be much stronger.
Her passion for movement is obvious whilst teaching Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Pilates, Dance or yoga. She draws on influences from numerous other techniques and is able to leave you feeling motivated, energised, rejuvenated and ready to step out in style.
I cannot recommend Sandie highly enough to anyone interested in health and well being. As an advocate for women’s health, I sincerely recommend her work and would encourage anyone who is low of mood, feeling unhealthy, suffering from pain or simply wanting to improve their lifestyle/ sports/performance abilities to knock on her door.
In short, Sandie provides an excellent service and is a highly skilled, enthusiastic and delightful practitioner. I so enjoyed my time with Sandie.

Ken Ollerton, Lawyer

“Sandie is hughely knowledgable, very professional and is someone I would recommend highly. She has had a considerable impact on my core strength, flexibility and posture as well as significantly improving both my feet and back, both long term problem areas for me. Just as importantly Pilates Gyrotonic sessions with Sandie are great fun! Don’t waste your money on group classes; go for the one to one classes which sandie provides”

Wendy Burton, Solicitor

“Sandie has been teaching my husband and I Pilates and Gyrotonic for the last ten years. She is always entusiatic and very knowledgable and knows exactely what to do to sort out our aches and pains as well as keeping us fit and flexible! I would highly recommend Sandie as a Pilates instructor to anyone”

David Mason, Business Owner

I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years and had pretty much given up hope after trying several different therapies and treatments with little effect including travelling to London and Sweden to see specialists. I was put in touch with Sandie through a physiotherapist I was seeing and I was impressed straight away by the immense knowledge of the body and it’s workings that Sandie showed. I had never done Pilates before but I am delighted to say that through attending weekly sessions with Sandie and following her exercises she put together for me, I have seen a drastic improvement in my pain. Sandie understands how the body should move and she highlighted many flaws in my posture which had never been addressed. I now feel stronger, with much better core strength which helps me on a daily basis. I can honestly say my back pain has almost gone and that is something I never thought I would happen. I would highly recommend Sandie to anyone struggling with pain or if you just want a stronger, leaner body and I cannot thank her enough for helping me. Apart from anything she is such a generous and kind hearted person who always goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping her clients.

Kindall Payne, 26, GYROTONIC® Trainer, Dancer

Kindall Payne

I have been training with Sandie for some years. I have seen such a positive improvement within myself as I am more confident with teaching and moving. With her help, I have been able to go further with teaching GYROTONIC® and jump start my career. Sandie has also helped me with my Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) practice. She is always to the point and uses imagery and metaphors to help you understand and most importantly remember the sequences! Recommended for those looking to improve themselves both as a mover and practitioner.





Lesley Lindberg, Business Executive

“I chose Personal Pilates so that I could have flexibility around the days and times of the sessions to fit in with my lifestyle(I travel a lot) and where I would get personalized Gyrotonic training.
Each class is different as Sandie works with me in a way that keeps the routines fresh and challenging but also that responds to my energy levels. She has a unique style of communication that visualises the movements in a way that helps me get the most out of the exercise and respond to correction. She is a thorough and expert teacher with artistic flair and an obvious joy of what she does.
Even after a year, I look forward to and enjoy my classes with Sandie. They are fun, I am learning new movements all the time, I feel physically stronger as I progress through the levels and I feel like I have found a special place in the heart of London for ‘me time’. This hidden, private studio is like the secret garden, once you go in, you won’t want to leave!”

Mark Farrer-Brown, Venture Capitalist

“Before I was introduced to Sandie I was very injury prone. I continue to play a lot of sport but for the last 6 years my injuries have been minimal and this has been largely due to Sandie’s pilates and Gyrotonic one to one classes. My overall body strength has improved dramatically and I can now play sport with much more confidence . Due to her professional dancing background she understands how the body works and knows you cannot apply one method for everyone. I have tried other teachers and none of them have come close to having the knowledge that Sandie has. I would highly recommend her to anyone – young or old, injured or not injured, fit or unfit.”

Lucinda Acland, Housewife

“I saw Sandie in the run up to major abdominal surgery and am convinced that the work we did was hugely beneficial for my swift recovery. I have continued our sessions and feel stronger and more flexible. I really feel that Sandie really takes the time to understand me and her approach is attentive, caring and truly personal.”

Ted Wilson, Hedge Fund Developer

“Sandie Wilson has made a genuine difference to my life. I first saw her ten years ago when I was suffering from chronic back problems. Thanks to Sandie it no longer troubles me and I have reached a level of fitness and flexibility that I could only have dreamed of. I cannot recommend Sandie highly enough.”

Andrew Nicolls, Senior Partner, Penrose Financial Ltd

“Sandie is undoubtedly the best trainer I have ever used, apart from knowing Pilates better than almost anyone in the UK , she also understands the way your body works so you get the best results in the quickest time, on top of this she makes training fun”

Jane , Forty five year old mother of two

“I first started going to see Sandie after an operation to sort out a prolapse following the birth of my second child. Working with Sandie has made a huge difference to my pelvic floor muscles and helped improve my posture and flexibility.”

Jonathon, Forty seven year old ankylosing spondylitis sufferer

“Sandie managed to get more movement to my sacro-iliac than I have had for the last 21 years – something I never expected and never dreamt possible.”