We are delighted to announce that we will be holding our first ever wellness retreat in Turkey this May. As well as Pilates, Gyrokinesis and Kinetic Chain Release we will be working with expert practitioner and singer Marianne Onkelinx to introduce the principles of total body releasing.

This retreat will also give you the opportunity to enjoy the local culture and a days boat trip. There will be singing, dancing and lots of time to relax as well as energise. Local accommodation will be provided and flights will arrive into Dalaman. If you are interested in this week long retreat with the option to stay for ten days please get in touch as spaces are limited.

You can come by yourself or bring a partner or friend who can join in with the social activities if they do not want to take classes and workshops. Further details will be available soon so watch this space. All enquiries are welcome dates are week of 21 May .








Total Body Release

 T.B.R. is a synergy of several different body mind techniques that aim to activate the movement of life force energy in the body as well as liberate the fascias and muscle tissues.

The body has a memory; we record emotions and stress in our muscles and fascias (layer of fibrous tissue surrounding all the body structures)This stress causes the nerves to fire excessively, contracting the muscle tissue so much that it can no longer release it’s toxins, (physiological or emotional), nor release the contraction.Knots will form and the fascias will loose their flexibility and form what Reich called  “the body’s armour”

T.B.R is a synergy of different techniques that uses guided sophrology while you place your body weight on large balls, small balls and rods in order to achieve the following reactions:

  • Small elongation of the muscle that inhibits the over excitation of the motor nerve and separates le sarcomeres to the point where it will provoke a reflex mechanism that will release of the spasm.
  • Squashing the muscle tissue will force toxic fluids towards the evacuation systems like a rag that you ring out.
  • Along with toxin evacuation, it is frequent that the emotions that are at the root of the tension, resurface in order to be evacuated.
  • The release of the nerve will activate the parasympathetic response.
  • The guided sophrology will propose to descend into the depths of the body and inhabit it fully.

Immediate effects of T.B.R:

  • Better mobility.
  • Opening of the body
  • Feeling more alive
  • Deep relaxation
  • A fuller breath

Long-term effects of TBR through regular practice:

  • Reduction or elimination of chronic muscle pain.
  • Improved sleep
  • Release of repetitive emotional issues that block the free circulation of life force energy.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Improved immunity
  • Improved hormonal function.